Update the category block icon in setting – Font icon

by Zendesk Themes in Zendesk Guide Theme on January 28, 2023
In the below video, we will show you how to add the FontAwesome and Lineicons into category blocks in our themes with the setting option.
  • Go to the setting option
  • Just add the category ID in the category block ID field
  • Add the icon class name in the category icon field (You can use the FontAwesome and Lineicons)
  • You can see the changes in Preview mode.
  • Save

Note: The process is the same in all our Zendesk themes, so we have added only one video.

How to find CATEGORY-ID

  • Click any category block at your Help Center
  • Go to the URL (address bar of your browser)
  • You can find your CATEGORY-ID here

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